Friday, July 23, 2010

juz say y0u l0ve mie baby!

ROseZ Smell Good Yet they die, i Will Be truthful UnleSs u liEº

~if u luv me tell me itz tru~
~if u don't i'll still luv u~

I dont come with dice-so dont play me.

×hE AbUsEz HeR w/ HuGz N' KiSsEz×

i never really noticed, i never really cared, how much i luv u, but now it's different, and i just want to say...I LOVE YOU! ~

I Set My Eyes On Da QTest Guy, Neva Thinkin He'd Make Me Cry

Guyz r like roller coasters....they eitha make u sick to ur stomach or give u the time time of your life!-

I'm hot and you know it..wait let me rephrase that..
I'm hot and you never seem to notice!

La La La I'm Not Listening To you And I Never Will!

If love was like a war..I'm glad I surrendered myself to you.

I'm SwEeT as HeAvEn, I'm HoT as HeLl, I'm the FiNeSt GuRl, as U can TeLL!!!

2 sweet + 2 b = 4gotten

I mAy nOt Be a bLoNd bUt i SuRe aM dUmB!!~

Mommy and Daddy think ure precious but man ure WILD!!

~ Rose's Are Red ~
~ Violets Are Blue~
~ The Sun Is Hot ~
~ And So Are U ~

Everyone is meant for someone...I believe that you are my someone...

This is an inside joke and ur on the outside!

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